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Stars Aligned: Penn Jillette and the Nissan LEAF Headline in Las Vegas


Feb. 14 — Las Vegas — For 35 years Penn Jillette has been making news as part of the beloved magical and comedic duo Penn & Teller.

He has headlined at The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas for the past decade, and has enjoyed sold-out runs on Broadway, world tours, Emmy-winning TV specials and appearances in everything from Letterman to Leno, Friends to The Simpsons. And, on Feb. 19, he can be seen among the cast of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice.

Earlier in February Jillette made news of a different kind by purchasing aNissan LEAF in his hometown of Las Vegas, “when I car shop all I say is ‘how comfortable is the seat, and how good does the radio sound?’” He continued, “because it (LEAF) is electric, the radio sounds really wicked good.”

Jillette has plans for his NISSAN LEAF, including using it on his 11-mile commute to work at the Rio, and painting it a distinctive pink to match the other vehicles in his fleet. Keep your eyes peeled for this new super star making its way through Las Vegas’ Strip, driven by one of the city’s most-beloved magicians.

“I have many friends in show business, and they all have many cars that they change all the time. I don’t. I think I’m going to like it and I think I’m going to have it about eight years,” said Jillette.

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