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Nissan Adopts EV Chargers at Two Prime California Destinations

April 19 – Los Angeles – Working with Adopt a Charger to accelerate the widespread acceptance of electric vehicles to address environmental concerns, Nissan North America has “adopted” 15 electric vehicle chargers in California.

Nissan and Adopt a Charger provide free charging points for EV users in selected locations

Through the relationship, Nissan has installed and will maintain three Aerovironment Level 2 chargers at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).  In San Francisco, at the Music Concourse Garage in Golden Gate Park, Nissan sponsored four Level 2 chargers and an additional eight 120v Level 1 outlets.  The chargers are free to the public and provide convenient charging opportunities in these two high-traffic locations.

“Working with Adopt a Charger, we’re providing this community service in an effort to increase electric vehicle acceptance and make ownership more convenient by helping ensure chargers are available in high-traffic areas,” said Jon Brancheau, Vice President of Nissan Marketing.

“Nissan’s commitment to zero emissions goes beyond the LEAF; we want to help transform global societies to adapt zero emissions vehicles as a way to address environmental concerns and promote energy independence.”

As a nonprofit organization, Adopt a Charger works with organizations and individuals to donate funds used to install and maintain fee-free electric vehicle chargers in public places. As such, Nissan and Adopt a Charger selected LACMA and Golden Gate Park to host the chargers as they both are highly-visited family attractions, with large concentrations of electric vehicle owners. Additionally, both venues are aligned with Nissan and Adopt a Charger’s sustainability goals and objectives.

Nissan LEAF in front of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

“As our first corporate sponsor we made sure to carefully research the best places to offer Nissan’s adopted chargers,” said Kitty Adams, executive director of Adopt a Charger.

“We found that LACMA and Golden Gate Park have several characteristics that make them the perfect venues. We truly believe that Los Angeles and San Francisco residents will greatly benefit from this new public service.”

According to a UCLA study, Los Angeles will be a leader in the U.S. market for electric vehicles, where nine percent of new vehicles will be electric by 2015.

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