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Dongfeng Nissan: 1 Million Sales Goal on Track

April 26 – Beijing – Dongfeng Nissan Vice President Ren Yong spoke to the Global Media Center at the Beijing motor show after unveiling the new Sylphy, a joint debut with Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn. Ren also announced the sale price for Venucia’s first car, the D50, while confirming sales targets are on track.

Q1. With the introduction of the new Sylphy, are you confident Dongfeng Nissan will reach its target of 1 million sales this year?

Ren Yong, VP, Dongfeng Nissan

Ren Yong, VP of Dongfeng Nissan, speaking at Venucia press conference at Auto China 2012

The Nissan Sylphy has been a very popular model since its launch, and in the last year the model has sold more than ten thousand units every month.

For the new Sylphy, in terms of performance, quality and in almost every aspect, it is bound to surpass customers’ expectations. With such an attractive product joining our lineup, we are confident of reaching our wider 1 million sales target this year.

We plan to double sales in 100 Chinese cities with aggressive marketing, and we’ll also have Venucia contributing to our numbers.


Q2. What is the progress of geographical expansion in China?

Dongfeng Nissan VP

The Venucia D50 is priced between 67,800 and 83,800 yuan

Even though the economy in coastal cities is slowing, inland cities are still in the growth stage. There is still growth momentum in the auto market in these regions, where we’ll need attractive products to satisfy consumers.

With its affordable price of between 67,800 and 83,800 yuan, Venucia will be able to satisfy the needs of customers buying their first car, while the new Sylphy is tailored for our elite customers. Additionally, we have a full range of products for inland markets, and we are improving customer service especially for second- and third-tier cities.


Q3. When will we see more models from Venucia?

Dongfeng Nissan VP

In the second half of this year, we will launch a second car model from Venucia. Right now, we are doing our best and we aim to bring one new model a year to the market. So by 2015, we will be launching five new car models in the market.

This is part of our midterm plan to bring one new model a year to the market and to reach accumulated sales of at least 1 million units within five years.

Q4. How soon will we see the first electric vehicle from Venucia?

Dongfeng Nissan VP

Venucia's e-concept electric car

The Chinese government is actively advocating environmental friendliness, promoting new energy and electric vehicles. Venucia, from the get-go, aims to be a green and environmentally friendly brand.

Today, we revealed the Venucia e-concept car on the stage, which means Venucia’s electric car has already made it into the nation’s auto brochures. I believe in the not too distant future, customers will be able to use Venucia’s electric cars.

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