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EVP Katagiri on Record Growth in April

EVP for Global Sales Takao Katagiri discusses the major drivers of Nissan’s record growth in April – and the top markets worldwide – with the Global Media Center.


Q1. How would you characterize Nissan’s growth in April?

EVP Takao Katagiri:

In April, Nissan could, again, keep the very strong momentum with record April sales. More specifically, Nissan sold 364,000 units, which is an increase of 13.6% over last year. As a result, we have been over past years for 32 consecutive months.

And from a market share viewpoint, Nissan has a record 5.7% market share in the month of April, which is again a record. This is about a 0.4 percentage point increase over the last year.

Q2. What is the regional breakdown, specifically, the reasons behind strong results in Brazil and China?


In the month of April, again, in many markets, Nissan has made an April volume record. For example, especially in growing markets, such as China, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and India, and also in mature markets, such as France, Nissan made April volume records.

To be more specific for Brazil, Nissan’s volume was up nearly 250% over the year prior, although TIV was 10% lower. TIV was 245,000 units, which is minus 10% against last year. This reduction is mainly due to strengthened credit limits, as a result of economic shrink impacted by Europe.

On the other hand, Nissan sold 8,600 units, which is 143% over last year. And our market share was 3.5%, which is a 2.2 percentage-point increase over last year – another record for April. More importantly, we have been the No. 1 Asian brand since 2012.

Also, if we talk about the Renault-Nissan Alliance, the combined market share has been over 10% for three consecutive months. Especially new models, like the Versa and March, are contributing to the volume.

In China, Nissan has made 112,000 units, which is an 18.3% increase over last year. Our total industry ended up with 1.5 million units, which is a 9.4% increase over last year. We made proportionally better results over last year. All China sales were an April record, and our share was 7.4% – and we were the third in the ranking of manufacturers again. New models such as the Tiida and Venucia – the newly launched Venucia D50 – contributed to our growth.

Q3. Tell us about the key models for growth, specifically the V-platform, as we move into FY2012.


For example, China, the sales of Sunny were up 64.6% over last year, that is Sunny on the V-platform. Also, in India – again, Sunny – which is about 70% of the total Indian April sales. So Sunny is pushing Indian sales in April.

Also, in Mexico, for example, the Versa was again about 20% of total Nissan sales there. Again, new models on the V-platform were pushing up sales in growing markets.

We’re going to have a lot of key models everywhere. We’ll have the Altima in the US momentarily, which will contribute to growth in North America, without any doubt.

And in Japan, we’re expecting to launch a new caravan in June, again, to enhance our sales among loyal customers. And in the middle to later half of the year, we’re going to launch a key compact car for the Japanese markets. Again, this will really contribute to increasing the volume in Japan.

And really this is just the beginning. We”re going to have a series of models launched this year.




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