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Nissan Launches Global Brand Campaign with World’s Fastest Man


June 1 – Narita – “What if the world’s fastest man went even faster?” That’s the question Nissan poses in the newest series of its global brand campaign, “WHAT IF_”, which launched June 1.

On the left, multi-world-record-holder Usain Bolt – the 25-year-old Jamaican who ran 100 meters in the time it takes many of us to take two breaths, 9.58 seconds – readies himself in set position for a sprint.

On the right, a red hot Nissan GT-R reveals its own best time of zero-to-100 kilometers per hour in 2.8 seconds.

Through the “WHAT IF_” campaign, Nissan aims to highlight iconic products and technologies that invigorate consumers – and the global brand.

And teaming up with Bolt – owner of a black GT-R supercar since 2009 – puts any questions about high-level performance to rest.

The Olympian is in training for the Games in London this July, following shooting of the campaign in his hometown of Kingston, Jamaica.

“Drive a car like the GT-R and it gives you the chills,” says Bolt.

In Japan, Nissan unveiled the Bolt-GT-R series in concourses at Narita International Airport near Tokyo and Osaka’s Kansai International Airport.

The multi-year “WHAT IF_” campaign, soon to reach international airports in all major cities, is intended to boost Nissan’s brand power, a key pillar of the company’s mid-term plan through 2016.

With the ultimate goal of 8% global market share and the new campaign underway, Bolt provides just the right charge to electrify the market.




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