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Nissan, Infiniti Open Largest Dealer Tech Training Center Opens

June 10 – Somerset. N.J. – Nissan and Infiniti recently opened their largest U.S. training facility, a brand new 31,000-sq. foot center in New Jersey that will serve dealerships in the Northeast region.

“Making sure that we have service technicians, service advisers, sales people trained on the new product, trained on the new technology is vital because as these vehicles are going to be hitting the market.  We want to make sure we have the most informed dealer technicians and dealer sales people as we can,”  said Nissan Americas Vice Chairman Bill Krueger.

Krueger said the company’s growth depends on how customers are treated.

“It’s very important for us to have a trained dealer network. That turns into customer satisfaction.  That turns into customer loyalty,” said Krueger.

In the last four years Nissan has opened new training facilities in Tennessee, California, Texas, New Jersey, and soon in Washington, D.C. as well as Chicago. All of the new facilities add up to a $15 million investment in training.

“The more that my technicians know, the happier my customers will be.  They’ll know things were fixed right the first time,” said Connecticut Infiniti dealer Shane Hyland.

Nissan and Infiniti dealers are excited about Nissan’s renewed focus on training. Hyland said all of his technicians are currently on a wait list for training, with eyes on the New Jersey center.

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