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Canton Can

June 28 – Canton – Nissan announced major job growth in Canton, Mississippi on Thursday, with local production of Sentra, Xterra and Frontier models set to add 1,000 jobs.

Helelaine Hill, a technician in Nissan’s Canton plant since it opened in 2003, says she expects this latest boost to mean more than ever for the Canton community.

“Nissan has grown the community. It’s grown the town, the county and all, so the growth here for businesses, for the suppliers, it’s going to be huge for everybody,” said Hill.

Nissan officials said the plant in Mississippi is a key toward keeping up with the company’s intended growth, and Canton leaders are now hiring by the hundreds.

Helelaine Hill, a technician in Nissan’s Canton plant

“The performance that they’ve had on the quality of the Altima and the competitiveness that they’ve shown in the efficiency of building the Altima has made it a clear choice that that’s where we wanted to put the extra capacity within the region, right here in the car system in Canton, Mississippi,” said Nissan Americas Vice Chairman Bill Krueger.

The Canton facility’s growth expands further than adding onsite workers. Each job created in the plant translates into more money in local stores and restaurants and that means a stronger overall economy for the entire state of Mississippi.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (right) congratulates Stephanie Sutton (left), a technician at Nissan's Canton Plant

“Nissan put Mississippi on the map for manufacturing automobiles,” said Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant

Nissan will install new equipment in Canton in September.  The Nissan Frontier and Xterra production begin in October, with the new Sentra following in December.

“It’s not just about me.  It’s about everybody.  You know everybody deserves a job and so as we grow the community grows and you know its just a blessing for everybody,” said Hill.

The Frontier and Xterra will be coming to Canton from Smyrna, Tennessee.  Smyrna, which is also raising overall production, needs to make room as it plans to add production of the LEAF electric car and Rogue crossover.

Nissan's Smyrna plant is also raising production

Nissan is in growth mode across the Americas.  There has already been expansion at the power train assembly plant in Decherd, Tennessee, while new manufacturing facilities are coming in both Mexico and Brazil within the next couple of years.

“And then we’re going to look where else can we grow where we need to,” said Krueger.

Already Nissan officials said they hired about 300 new workers for the Canton plant, and the other 700 are coming soon.



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