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Nissan Mexicana Holds First Stone Ceremony For New Plant

July 10 – Aguascalientes, Mexico – In a ceremony yoking Japanese and Mexican traditions, Nissan celebrated a historic milestone this week by setting the first stone of its new manufacturing complex in Aguascalientes.

The ceremony was attended by distinguished guests including Mexican President Felipe Calderón; Carlos Lozano de la Torre, governor of Aguascalientes; Hidetoshi Imazu, executive vice president of Manufacturing at Nissan; Bill Krueger, vice chairman of Nissan Americas; José Luis Valls, president and general manager of Nissan Mexicana; and Armando Ávila, vice president of Manufacturing for Nissan Mexicana.

This is the third manufacturing complex in the country and the second in the state of Aguascalientes and is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2013.

The complex is the result of a $2 billion investment announced last January to increase manufacturing capacity needed to satisfy the high demand for Nissan vehicles in the domestic and international markets.  With this new plant Nissan will create 3,000 direct jobs and generate approximately 9,000 indirect jobs.

The new complex will include a supplier park and a quality proving ground and will be located to the south of Aguascalientes, near the airport, and will be 2.5-times larger than the existing plant.

During its Phase 1, it will produce 175,000 compact vehicles per year (B-platform).

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