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Striking the Right Note: Chief Creative Officer Shiro Nakamura

July 16 – Yokohama – The new Nissan Note debuted on Monday in Japan, and Chief Creative Officer Shiro Nakamura spoke with the Global Media Center on the story behind the model and its launch.

Q1. We are here in Yokohama for the debut of the new Nissan Note. What are some of the key distinctive features of the new Note’s design?

CCO Nakamura:

Let’s start with the exterior design. As you can see, this car is very dynamic yet compact, but at the same time very roomy. So, how to combine the exterior energetic and dynamic design as well as the very compact exterior dimension, and at the same time allowing people to relax and have ample space in the inside. That is our objective.

As you can see from the front, we have very iconic headlamps. On the side, we call it the “squash line” – the designer has been inspired by squash. This is a very iconic shape and the overall proportion and flow are very dynamic.

Let’s go inside and I would like to show you the interior features. You can see the three gauges – the Fine Vision Meter, the eco-meter that tells you how to drive most economically and ecologically, and also you can see the big monitors and this is very nicely laid out, very attractive and very sculptured-shaped IPs. This is a key attraction of the new Note.

Q2. The design is both dynamic and and practical with features such as best-in-class fuel efficiency. Can you tell us more about some of the specs?

CCO Nakamura:

Exactly. I talked about exterior dimension and design, as well as interior spaciousness, but one of the keys of this car is its fuel-efficiency.  It is has a 1.2-liter super-charged engine. It’s class-leading fuel economy and of course low CO2 emission. This is very important.

This car has new technology such as the Around View Monitor. It’s quite rare in this segment to have very nice technology and fuel efficiency, and you also can enjoy driving as well. Enjoying driving is very important to Nissan, and so combining every aspect and this is the car. This is the global Note.

Q3. The new Note is a indeed part of a major global model roll out by Nissan. How does the Note factor into the product mix?

CCO Nakamura:

This is the third V- platform car; the first is the March Note, the Versa in the U.S., and the Sunny in China. This is the third global car for the V-platform, so this will be produced all over the world – literally everywhere in the world. It’s a very key strategic car for Nissan’s growth in the coming few years.

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