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Nissan Sales, Market Share hit Records in June, as Juke Powers on


July 30 – Yokohama – Nissan Motor’s global sales and market share hit records in June, with the Juke a key contributor on the back of strong sales in Japan, the U.S. and Europe.

Sales Executive Vice President Takao Katagiri spoke with the Global Media Center on key factors behind the June performance.

Q1:  Please characterize sales growth in June.

EVP Katagiri:

We made a June sales record on a global basis and ended up with 447,000 units, which is a 16.4% growth against last year.  It’s strong momentum, and also we’ve gone over the previous month level for 34 consecutive months, so we’re growing.

Also, from a market share viewpoint, we achieved a 6.3% market share, which is a 0.2-percentage-point increase against last year.


Q2:  A number of countries hit record highs. What markets stood out?

EVP Katagiri: 

In many markets we made sales records. In the month of June or in a single month. For example, a new single month record was made in Australia, Brazil and France, and also June sales record in many markets such as China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Mexico, U.K. India and total Europe.

In the case of Japan,  TIV (Total Industry Volume) increased dramatically thanks to eco-car incentives, while at the same time the recovery from last year’s tragic events as supply from many manufacturers has started to increase – that is the reason. For TIV and Nissan sales grew in Japan in the month of June.

For China, both TIV and Nissan sales increased from the past year. Nissan set a June sales record – that’s very important. Some people say that China is slowing down, but in reality in the month of June TIV was 1.5 million units, which was a 10.4% increase on last year.  Our sales ended up at 119.000 units, which is 10.3% increase against last year, so we are almost in line with the TIV.

Our share in China was 8%. Nissan has been the No.3 brand overall, at the same time the No.1 Japanese brand for three consecutive months since April.

For the U.S., Nissan sales increased more than TIV growth, resulting in June in the highest market share ever. Also, TIV was very strong. TIV was 1.3 million units, which was 22.1% increase on last year. Nissan sales increased by 28.2% against last year, ending up with 92,000 units., which is very strong.

For Europe, TIV went down by 0.7%, ending up with 1.7 million units. But in that market, Nissan sales increased by 14.2%, ending up with 66,000 units. We increased share in Europe.

Q3: We’re standing in front of the Nissan Juke. How has it contributed to the overall numbers?

EVP Katagiri:

The Juke is one of the models to support the strong sales in Japan, the US and Europe – one of the sources of growth for those markets. The Juke was launched in 2010.

It has been keeping good sales for more than one year. In the first quarter it surpassed the previous year in all three major regions – Japan, the U.S. and Europe. For example, Japan saw increased Juke sales by 23%. In the U.S. it was 27%, and in Europe 17%. Particularly in Europe Juke contributed to the volume dramatically, actually the same as the Qashqai situation.

Juke sold more than 130,000 units in FY11 and Juke keeps monthly sales of over 10,000 units continuously, in spite of the European crisis. Juke is one of the strong weapons for us to grow in Europe and other major regions.

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