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Nissan Does It Again

Nissan EVP of Global Sales Takao Katagiri explains that sales volume and market share in July again reached record highs, despite slowdowns in some parts of the globe.

Q1) What are the highlights of July’s record growth in global sales?

Takao Katagiri, EVP

Nissan’s July sales globally was up 9.5% over the previous year. The total market increased by 8.9%, which means that Nissan grew over-proportionally to the total industry. This growth for Nissan was the 35th consecutive month of such growth. And, also in terms of share, Nissan made a 6.5% market share, which is again a July sales record. So in both volume and share, Nissan had a July record.

Also for the specific markets, there are many sales and share records. In case of Indonesia and Egypt they made the new single month sales record. And, also, in terms of sales for July, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Brazil, Turkey, the UK and India achieved records. At the same time, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Total Europe, France, Turkey and India made record market share.

In Japan, total industry volume increased dramatically by about 38%, driven by eco-car incentives by the government. In the case of Nissan, our growth was a little bit under proportional, due to the fact that July was the end of the life-cycle of the major models. But we are very optimistic about sales in Japan because in the latter half we have lots of strong models, like the Serena, with a minor change, the S-Hybrid model. At the same time, we are planning to launch a completely new Nissan Note, which is again a very competitive model. So, we are very optimistic about the latter half of the year.

Q2) Why are sales falling in China and Europe and what is Nissan doing to maintain its position in those markets?

Katagiri EVP

In the case of China, total industry sales rose 9.8% over last year. Compared with previous months, this seems to be a little bit of a slowdown. It is due to many factors. One is that an actual slowdown can be seen more in light-commercial vehicles area than passenger cars. Our passenger-car sales are stronger over last year. At the same time, in terms of geographic areas, the coastal area has slowed slightly, but inland is booming. So it’s a combination of many factors. As a result, the total industry is showing some slowdown. We are optimistic about the Chinese market because it is still growing, but we have to be careful.

For Nissan, in July, we saw some slight slowdown due to the impact of the regulation in Guangzhou and the flooding in Beijing, but our PV sales are stable and we are very optimistic because we are going to launch a lot of new, strong models. We are optimistic.

In Europe, as everybody knows, the total industry volume is down, driven by very sluggish demand in the southern part of Europe. Nissan is not the exception, but our performance – our decrease – is under-proportional. We gained share in many markets in Europe. For example, Nissan saw record sales in the UK, and record market share in France. Those are the kinds of examples of how Nissan is over-proportionally performing in the sluggish market.

In the U.S., on the other hand, the market is very strong and Nissan is even stronger. For example, total industry volume in the U.S. was up by 8.9% against last year, but Nissan performance was up by 16.2% in the month of July in the U.S. So we dramatically gained share.

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