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Sweet Light: the Art and Science of Car Photography

Sep. 13 – Borrego Springs, Calif. – Ever wondered how photographers get those slick shots of new cars?

According to pro car photographer Bruce Benedict, it starts with timing, getting up early before the sun comes up, or staying around until just before the sun goes down.

A recent photo shoot for Nissan’s all-new 2013 Nissan Sentra started at 5 a.m. in the California desert because the photo crew wanted somewhere quiet, yet colorful.

One of the most perfect locations to catch a great photo, says Benedict, is at the top of a mountain, at sunrise, with an open sky in the background. Before the sun passes the horizon, with perfect sweet light, take your photo.

He also warns that getting a great shot might require the photographer to get a bit dirty because a low angle can deliver some great shots.

So if it’s your first car, or one you just love more than others that you want to photograph, remember . . . timing is everything.

The hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset are considered sweet light. The perfect natural lighting.

It’s best to find a quiet colorful place, to avoid showing grey skies, and to get on the ground for a low angle.

Then, you might just have the recipe for the perfect picture.

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