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Zero Waste at Home and Work

Sept. 14 – Decherd, Tennessee – Coral Kanies, manager of electric motor production at Nissan USA, has a personal passion for sustainable living.

That’s just one of the reasons that she was selected to lead the team producing Nissan’s first-ever U.S. – built fully electric motor: the eMotor. And the 30-year-old engineer has given her team an ambitious goal – to recycle 100 percent of what is used in its production.

Kanies's home was built from materials others consider waste

Kanies has plenty of practice recycling waste. Her small but efficient home outside of Franklin, Tennessee is built almost completely from recycled materials.

She employed scrap materials other home-builders deemed waste, such as old doors and fixtures, as well as locally harvested wood from Tennessee.

“Coral is very passionate about the environment and taking care of our natural resources. It’s in her heart and that’s not something you take notes and learn,” said Decherd plant manager Rick Youngblood. “She is an outside the box thinker which works well when tasked with bringing LEAF’s new motor to life.”

Kanies immediately sorts and reuses materials

Kanies attributes her unique, fiercely sustainable point of view to her progressive parents. Her father is a bamboo farmer, and her mother, “Tye Dye Mary,” is a renowned local artist in middle Tennessee. Kanies says her parents taught her to think about how her actions affect the bigger picture.

“I take pride in knowing that Nissan is committed to zero-emissions leadership and that I’m helping them reach that goal,” said Kanies. “I immediately sort and reuse materials at home and we are taking this same approach with the production of the eMotor.”

Nissan’s eMotor will soon be built in Decherd, Tennessee, and will power the next generation 2013 Nissan LEAF.

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