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Nissan LEAF Works for Orlando Couple and Their “eBaby”

Sept. 18 – ORLANDO, Fla. – Shannon and Christin Monroe of Orlando, Fla., decided to go electric, in a Nissan LEAF, 18 months ago. They since have logged nearly 24,000 commuting miles traveling to work, running errands and driving around town. “There is nothing we have given up by going to an electric car,” said Shannon.

The Nissan LEAF, recently was selected as the number-one car for commuting by, and Shannon agrees. “Life is just so much easier with this car. You just plan your day and go where you want to go.” In fact, their son has never had a ride in anything but an electric car. Some might call him an eBaby. “I can’t imagine us having anything but an electric car in the future,” remarks Christin.


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