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Charged Up

Sept. 24 – Franklin, Tenn. – No gas. No tail pipe. Fun to drive. This was the commentary heard from electric vehicle owners at events throughout the U.S. on Sunday, in support of the second annual National Plug In Day.

For the celebration, thousands turned out at parties in more than 60 cities across the U.S., featuring electric car parades and ride-and-drive opportunities.

Locations included Maui, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Wash., New York City, Franklin, Tenn. and many points in between.

“Once you get in an electric car and take it for a spin you just start smiling.  You are driving fast without gas.  It’s an extraordinary feeling.  So the challenge is simply to get people to experience the cars, to take them for a spin, to sit in them, to talk to people who actually drive them,” said Marc Gellar of San Francisco, vice president of the Bay LEAF club.

The majority of pure electric vehicles at the Plug In Day events were Nissan LEAFs. The brand has more than 36,000 owners globally who have driven a collective 100 million gas-free miles.

Recently the car was named the No. 1 commuter’s car by

“With our usage pattern of 20,000 miles per year that we’re putting on our EV alone, never mind what we might do in our other cars, we’re saving about $4,000 a year in gasoline,” said William Davis, a San Francisco-based  LEAF owner.

National Plug In Day was organized by Plug In America, the Sierra Club, and the Electric Auto Association.

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