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Paris Motor Show Getting Underway

Sep. 26 – Paris – Car-makers are gathering in the French capital, showing off dozens of new models despite anxiety over the Eurozone crisis.

Putting the finishing touches to the Nissan stand

The sounds of hammers and drills filled the pavilions hours before the show was due to open to the press, as manufacturers’ teams put finishing touches on their displays.

Building Nissan’s stand has taken 100 people two weeks, and that’s after six months of planning.

“What we try to do is really highlight the Nissan message, so Innovation and Excitement for Everyone,” said Andrea Bencelova, motor shows section manager for Nissan.

“I think we can find it through all our products and stages. So going through, there’s zero emission – a very great concept car which is zero emission, and the future, the next level of zero emission.”

New York's Taxi of Tomorrow

“Then we also see the New York taxi, which is something different we are trying to do. We also have this women’s universe in terms of Micras, and we have a strong part that is about performance.”

A production-ready version of the Juke NISMO is debuting in Paris, the first of a range of ultra-performance Nissans.

There is a facelift for the 370Z, as well as a car that is the result of collaboration between Nissan and the Ministry of Sound, a top London nightclub.

Nissan's stand in Paris

“We created what we called the Juke Box, which is basically the ultimate mobile sound system,” said Thomas Rodier, events section manager at Nissan Europe.

“This is really something innovative and exciting for everyone. We’ve been touring with these cars all across Europe over the summer. It is almost like a jumbo jet at take-off in terms of the noise, so I can tell you we are not very friendly with our neighbors when we are using these cars.”

“But this is about engaging with people, explaining what is the co-creation between Ministry of Sound and Nissan around the Juke Ministry of Sound Special Edition. And we try to talk to a different audience now, all the clubbers and the people who are in what’s called the hype.”

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