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TeRRA Concept in Paris

Sept. 28 – Paris – Futuristically curved, with an interior featuring plenty of wood, the TeRRA concept car points the way towards SUVs to come, not least with its drive train.

TeRRA on the stand in Paris

It’s being called a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, or FCEV.

“This car represents a blend of what we’re calling modern toughness combined with our vision for a future of sustainable mobility,” said Andy Palmer, Nissan’s Executive Vice President as he unveiled the concept at the Paris motor show.

“Our four-by-four powertrain features three electric motors powered by the Nissan hydrogen fuel cell.”

That means emissions that are nothing but water.

“Nissan is leading the world of zero emissions,” said Andy Palmer. “And it is a position that we’re going to keep.”

Crowds gathered to see the concept

“In less than a generation’s time there will be millions of zero emission vehicles on the road and we will be the leaders when that happens.”

Also on display in Paris is the Nissan DeltaWing, making a return to France after winning the hearts of fans at Le Mans earlier this year. The car was well on the way to completing the 24 hour test of endurance when it was knocked out by a collision.

“The DeltaWing is anything but conventional, but remarkably all the technologies used already existed,” said the car’s creator Ben Bowlby. “The boldness of the vision was achieved by looking at things differently, by combining them in a way that had never been seen before to create a prototype for sustainable personal mobility.”

Andy Palmer unveils the TeRRA

“It was brave, but Nissan had the courage to stick their necks out where others wouldn’t. And had the satisfaction of achieving something that others said couldn’t be done.”

Later in the year the Nissan DeltaWing will be taking to the track again at Petit Le Mans in the United States.

It is a much more twisty circuit presenting different challenges. Even so the hope is not just to finish, but for a podium place.

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