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F1 Champion Sebastian Vettel Visits Tochigi Plant ahead of Suzuka Grand Prix

Oct.  4 – Tochigi, Japan – Two-time Formula 1 champion and Infiniti Ambassador Sebastian Vettel visited Tochigi, Japan ahead of this weekend’s Grand Prix in Suzuka, touring the plant where the first Infiniti FX Vettel Edition will be produced.

Fresh from his victory at the Singapore Grand Prix, the Red Bull driver spoke with the Global Media Center on the current season and the outlook for the Japanese race Sunday.

Q1: Sebastian, welcome back to Japan. A busy day here in Tochigi, what was your experience like?

Vettel: It was interesting. I did some test driving and hopefully I was able to help the guys a little bit, because there are quite some new projects that I think need further development. It was quite interesting on the test track and driving.

After that, we went to see the car built and it was quite interesting from start to finish to see how quickly it is put together and how quickly they finish the job – pretty impressive. So, a lot of things I learned today, and so it was a nice day.

Q2: What are your expectations for the race this weekend at Suzuka?

Vettel: I think it is difficult this year to have any expectations. This year has been very unpredictable in many ways. I think it’s a track that should suit our car. We’ve been very competitive here in the past.

But, it has been very unpredictable in many ways, so I think we just get to the circuit and see how it goes on Friday, and go on from there.

It will be crucial again to have a clean weekend. It’s the end of the championship, only a couple of races left, and we are still a little bit behind, so we need to make sure we finish ahead of everyone else and that will be the best way to make progress.

Q3:  Suzuka is seen as a special race for many drivers. What are your own experiences and what message do you have for Japanese fans?

Vettel: It’s very nice to be back. First of all the fans are crazy in a positive way, so we all love coming here. People are very passionate about Formula 1 and from Thursday onwards, even though there is no running on Thursday, they visit the runway, visit the track. Obviously, I’ve won twice here – last year on the podium to secure the championship. It’s a very special place for myself and I hope we follow the trend and have a strong performance this weekend.

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