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Fast and Furious

Oct. 9 – Narita, Japan – Coming off of Sunday’s Japanese Grand Prix at the Suzuka Circuit, Formula 1 Red Bull Racing driver Mark Webber spoke on his finish and outlook for the rest of the season, which continues next week in South Korea.

Q1. On Sunday, you returned to the Suzuka Circuit for the Japan Grand Prix. How do you feel about your performance and that of the team?

Mark Webber:

I think for the race itself there were mixed emotions. The car  was performing very, very well. We didn’t have the opportunity to show with both cars. Obviously, Sebastian (Vettel) did with one car, winning the Grand Prix, which was very good from the team’s perspective. But personally for me, I would have clearly liked to have gotten a lot more out of the event. We had contact, very heavy contact, in the second corner with another driver, and then I was having to recover from that point onward. We still got some points; it was a rewarding drive to come back from as far as I did and on a different strategy. But at the end of the day, we’ve got to dust ourselves down and roll into the next race in Korea this weekend.

Q2. And as the next race will be in Korea, what is your outlook for the rest of the Formula One season?


We’ll take some positives, for sure, from the Suzuka weekend. We know that this year, form has been a little bit up and down between the teams in terms of circuit specific, and also how sensitive the temperature has been to the track, and  how that has played a big role in the teams’ performances. So, what just happened last weekend, as I said, we got some confidence from that going into the back part of the championship that the car’s performing well, and we’ve developed it well throughout the season.  And, obviously, Sebastian and I have good confidence in the cars, so that gives us a nice feeling to close the championship out in a positive sense in getting some race wins and pushing as hard as possible.

Q3. You drive some of the fastest cars in the world in your profession. How might that compare with driving a GT-R supercar?


Drivers at our level, we’re very sensitive to high-performance road vehicles. And if we’re driving on the road, we like to have quality products and quick products as well. We like to have cars that stop, turn and have lots of power. And in the GT-R you have that. It’s a very quick street car, and we, of course, drive sensibly on the roads. But our profession is pushing things to the limit. And it’s so good that there’s a lot of racing technology in this car. And that’s what motor racing is all about. A lot of it is automotive, and making cars safer as well as more rewarding to drive.

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