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To the World: Usain Bolt in the Nissan House

Oct. 11 – Yokohama – Jamaica’s multiple gold medal winner Usain Bolt stopped at Nissan’s GranDrive testing track and Yokohama headquarters Thursday, bringing his record-making speed and excitement to Japan.

Striking a pose: Usain Bolt with Super GT driver Michael Krumm

At the Oppama track, the world’s fastest man tested the Nissan GT-R with Super GT driver Michael Krumm, before heading to the company’s headquarters and meeting Chief Operating Officer Toshiyuki Shiga.

In a busy day of events,  Bolt also spoke with the Global Media Center’s Coco Masters about his plans ahead.

Q1. There has been a great deal of speculation about your future. You’ve mentioned a “three-peat” at Rio 2016 and your interest in soccer. What can your fans expect next?

Usain Bolt:

Great things. Always just great things. I look forward to shocking my fans, to giving them a good show. I’m just keeping them on their toes – that’s how I do it. So, for me, I never tell. I just make it happen.

Q2. You were chauffeured by Formula 1 driver Mark Webber upon your arrival Tuesday. Today, you drove and rode in a few GT-Rs at GranDrive. Describe the experience.


Bolt driving Krumm at GranDrive

Mark Webber – it was wonderful. We came in and we had a lead car, and we were trying to push him to go faster in the GT-R, and he kept on pushing and pushing until he decided that he was going to just go past him. So, we had a good time coming in. It was exciting for me. Today at the track, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I really enjoyed it. I tested two different types of GT-Rs – a sports one and a more luxury one. So, for me, it was really exciting. I can’t explain, it was just joy for me because I like speed and I really enjoy driving fast. So for me to be in the GT-R, as safe as I know it is, and to go as fast as I can go was a wonderful feeling.

Q3. There are many fans here today, many kids. You have a foundation dedicated to the cultural and educational development of children. Tell us more about it and today’s announcement regarding the Bolt Gold GT-R.


The GT-R will be auctioned off to raise funds for the kids. We’re going to do different things. Mainly, we start from the school year to develop younger kids, to give them computers, more learning books and stuff like that. My motto is that the kids are the future. That’s why I base my foundation on the fact to develop the kids of Jamaica and hopefully around the world soon.

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