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First Juke-R Leaves the Garage

Oct 16 – Paris – They said it was impossible. They said it would never happen. Today Juke-R doubters are silenced, as the production version #001 emerges from the pit garage – in both real and virtual worlds.

The first super-exclusive Juke-R road car has been built and tested, while the Nissan has been digitally recreated and made accessible to millions. Alongside the new Juke NISMO, Juke-R is set to star in the new Gameloft Asphalt 7: Heat mobile racing game.

Gameloft, a leading global publisher of digital and social games, has partnered with Nissan to give fans the chance to drive the hottest members of the Juke family on iOS and Android, smartphones and tablets.  From Paris to Rio, Asphalt 7: Heat allows drivers to compete in ruthless races while enjoying single or multi-player mode.

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