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Preaching to the Converted

October 23 – Chigasaki, Japan – It’s the ultimate detail shop. Autech means customization.

For 26 years, the Nissan subsidiary has converted vehicles for customers in Japan and now its taking its conversion business even further overseas.

At Autech’s Chigasaki headquarters, Nissan Executive Vice President Andy Palmer challenged the company to be an even larger contributor to Nissan’s bottom line.

“We’ve spoken about the merits of Autech from a speed and quality point of view, and clearly that capability helps us to sell 5% to 6% of the cars we sell in Japan, whether it’s the Rider version or different,” said Palmer. “Now, if that applies to Japan, it equally applies to the rest of the world. If you say that as a company we sell 5 million cars around the world, if we can do an extra 5%, well, that’s kind of interesting, right? I think there’s a place for Autech capability to be globalized.”

Nissan EVP Andy Palmer and Shoichi Miyatani, NISMO President and Autech President & CEO

Specialty vehicles, such as the Note Rider and Juke Urban Selection, offer high performance specifications and stylistic changes to tuning and design.

And Autech’s diversification of the range it offers customers with disabilities and the elderly is seen in modifications like the power slide-up seat and ramp for its life-care vehicles.

The Elgrand VIP – a converted Elgrand that significantly contributes to Nissan’s overall Elgrand sales and profit – is just one example of how Autech meets consumers’ commercial and professional needs.

Autech Japan President and CEO Shoichi Miyatani, said the company is expanding its export business to convert locally made vehicles, such as Grand Livina and XTrail, in ASEAN countries, including Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Miyatani, who is also president of NISMO, Nissan’s motorsports and performance division, said that NISMO’s expertise and technology know-how in aerodynamics and engine improvement will work with Autech to expand NISMO brand awareness overseas.

“These areas of NISMO and monozukuri and design capability of Autech Japan can successfully collaborate to enhance NISMO brand to the road cars as well as the motorsports cars,” said Miyatani.

In his role, Miyatani is the man to encourage cooperation between and for both brands, making Autech, perhaps one day, the go-to converter for NISMO here in Japan and abroad.

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