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Nissan LEAF Gives Options after Superstorm Sandy

Nov. 9 – New York – Vehicle owners in New York and New Jersey have been struggling to fill up since Superstorm Sandy hit, as many stations are either out of gas or unable to operate, but EVs like the Nissan LEAF are having an easier time.

“I didn’t realize I would be the only one driving for a couple of days and everybody else would be just in a tough position,” said LEAF owner Varun Bhatia of Long Island, New York.

Varun Bhatia drove his Nissan LEAF to aid friends in storm-hit New Jersey

Bhatia owns a Nissan LEAF. He actually had one shipped from Washington State so he could be among the first in New York to own the fully electric car. He bought the car because of its drive and feel on the road, but now he has a new appreciation for not needing gas.

“I never thought we would have a fuel shortage because that didn’t happen last year. We actually had a very big storm, more water last year. I didn’t realize New Jersey got so hit that they couldn’t get fuel out of there,” said Bhatia.

New York and New Jersey were deeply affected by Superstorm Sandy.  Millions lost power. Offices, homes and subways flooded. Trees tore through structures, and even now with much of the power restored and debris removed, it’s not easy to find gas. Long lines at filling stations are forming all across the area. Even at two in the morning, vehicles are backed up for miles.

The Nissan LEAF is 100% electric and is not dependent on gasoline

Bhatia put 300 miles on his LEAF in the three days after the storm. He offered to siphon gas out of a gas car he rarely uses for his friend who is a police officer, and he drove miles to rescue other friends who were stranded.

“It made them all realize how dependent we are on gas. Because kids our age, even adults, they don’t realize how dependent we are on gasoline,” said Bhatia.

In times of disaster Bhatia learned his Nissan LEAF made him more flexible and more mobile.

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