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Nissan NV Powers LA Mobile Edit Suite

LOS ANGELES (Dec. 14, 2012) – PrePost Data runs their entire mobile unit out of a Nissan NV 2500 High Roof.  The company is in the film and video production business. Their expertise is making sure that content gets from cameras into the post production process safely. They focus on building dailies, which is making copies of the film shot on set in the course of one day for the director and producer to watch and analyze. This work requires them to be constantly on the move.

“We looked at a lot of vehicles to find out which one kind of best suited our needs and the reason we chose the Nissan NV was it was economical, and fit into our business model.  It was extremely flexible,” said Jason Brown, co-founder of PrePost Data.

Brown said the van is attractive, but more importantly, spacious and smooth on the road.  The tall roof allows for directors and producers to stay standing while inside the vehicle.  The smooth ride allows their equipment to stay secure while driving hundreds of miles cross country.  And the sleek appearance allows them to keep a consistent positive image.

“When people come into the van they are just wowed,” said Andrew Guerrero, a digital imaging technician with PrePost Data.

Guerrero and Brown said they regularly drive their NV across the nation from Los Angeles to Savannah, Ga.  They typically change locations four to five times a day and often change climates just as often.  The Nissan NV has proven reliable for long road trips and luxurious for stationary shoots.  The people at PrePost Data said no other vehicle suited their needs so nicely.

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