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NISMO Opens Next-Generation Performance HQ

Feb. 26 – Tsurumi, Japan – Nismo is opening its new headquarters on Tuesday, but late in January some top executives had a sneak peak at how things were shaping up.

Toshiyuki Shiga, Nissan’s Chief Operating Officer, said the heritage and performance embodied by Nismo were on display at the facility.

“I am now so excited to see this is headquarters, I observed a lot of its functions office, and. I think this is a good place to excite for Nismo activities, so I am very excited now,” Shiga said.

“We established Nismo in 1984. Next year we have its 30-years anniversary. The Omori facility has a lot of heritage, while before this location was a Nissan R&D center. We have developed a lot of cars from here. Nismo came here as a Nissan heritage place. From now we are expanding the Nismo brand all over the world. I’m sure we can enhance more through this headquarters.”

Nismo, led by President Shoichi Miyatani, sees the kickoff event as underscoring its DNA as well as its future.

“Based on Japan’s DNA of keen senses, the ‘katana’ was chosen as a symbol. It’s a really good theme to think about Japan-based DNA Motorsports, and a sharp-edged strong company. I feel this is really the home of Nissan motor sports,” he said.

“This showroom is 2.48 times bigger compared to the previous one. We have made the building efficient and effective for daily activities. I think this is going to be the center hub of our activities into the future.”

Both executives said the new headquarters will add excitement to the Nismo brand, and looked forward to customers and media visiting in the weeks ahead.

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