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Francois Bancon

IDx NISMO and IDx Freefow

Nissan Debuts IDx NISMO and IDx Freeflow concepts at Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show a pair of concept cars with radically different characteristics - the IDx NISMO and IDx Freeflow.


China's Friend-ME Concept

Nissan's Francois Bancon details the China story behind the Friend-ME concept, to be unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Paris motor show 2012

Eye on Design in Paris

Nissan’s deputy division general manager Francois Bancon, designer and keen industry observer, says as Europe struggles with the euro crisis it is premium car-makers who are innovating at the Paris motor show.


Infiniti Makes China Statement with Expanded Output, Dealerships and Sales

Infiniti is shifting its global headquarters to Hong Kong, launching car production in China, and increasing mainland dealerships, on the road to becoming Asia's luxury brand.

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