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Nissan 360


Best of 2013 - Autonomous Drive

Nissan shared its vision of Autonomous Drive vehicles on the road by 2020 at Nissan 360. The technology has since gone on to win an award and has also been test driven on public roads.


Prime Minister Goes Public with Autonomous Drive Car

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Rides in Nissan's Autonomous Drive Car in First Public Road Test.


CEO at Autonomous Drive Wheel

CEO Carlos Ghosn tested Nissan's latest Autonomous Drive car prototype ahead of CEATEC JAPAN 2013.


Nissan's 20-20 Vision

Nissan EVP Andy Palmer says Autonomous Drive vehicles will come to global markets by 2020.

Nissan Motor Company Unveils Power of Global Footprint

Nissan Motor Company Celebrates 80 Years, Unveils Power of Global Footprint

Nissan Motor Company is marking its 80th anniversary with "Nissan 360." This is a month-long showcase of the latest breakthroughs in vehicle technology, sustainability and market expansion by one of the world's leading automotive groups.

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