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Nissan Technical Center


Tech Talk: What's in the Orchard

Research and Development Executive Vice President Mitsuhiko Yamashita shares the latest in auto industry technology with the Global Media Center.

SAE World Congress 02

Nissan, GE Showcase Future Smart Grid with EVs

At the 2012 SAE World Congress, about 12,000 engineers from around the globe were in Detroit to talk about where the auto industry is going and how it is getting connected.

Carlos Ghosn in NTC

CEO Ghosn on the Nissan Technical Center

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn spoke with the the Global Media Center on location in Atsugi, discussing the continued importance of the company's global R&D and design hub.

Nissan Technical Center

Nissan Technical Center Celebrates 30 Years

Located in Atsugi, NTC has been the center of Nissan’s design, development and engineering excellence since the early 1980s, its establishment coinciding with Japanese automakers rise to global prominence.

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