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Nissan "TITAN Truckumentary" Chapter 9: "Making the Grade"

TITAN Truckumentary: Making the Grade

Nissan's Arizona Test Center engineering and R&D lab in Stanfield, Arizona played a crucial role in development of Nissan TITAN XD, while Montana Mountain saw key off-road testing.

Nissan TITAN "Truckumentary" chapter 7: Truck Love

Nissan TITAN "Truckumentary" chapter 7: Truck Love

Nissan Titan owners are a passionate bunch, and with the next-generation TITAN XD on its way, the ownership base is only getting more excited.

Nissan “TITAN Truckumentary” Chapter 5: Heart of Cold

Nissan "TITAN Truckumentary" Chapter 5: Heart of Cold

Contrasting the clinical procedures and mild climates seen in Chapter 4 of Nissan "TITAN Truckumentary", the latest episode of this behind-the-scenes truck development series tracks engineers performing cold weather testing on the next-generation TITAN.

Nissan “TITAN Truckumentary” chapter 4: TITAN tough

Nissan "TITAN Truckumentary" chapter 4: TITAN Tough

The fourth chapter of Nissan's "TITAN Truckumentary" focuses on early durability testing that the company's next-generation full-size pickup has been undergoing the past few months.


Nissan "TITAN Truckumentary" Chapter 3: Sketch Pad

Diane Allen, Senior Design Manager at Nissan Design America, tells the design story behind the Titan.

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